Bean poles, stakes, canes and pea sticks

Please note that we do not sell or ship large bulky items to the mainland such as bean poles, stakes & charcoal.

From L – Bean poles; stakes of various sizes; canes

The wood we coppice in the spring is used for all of our garden products. Gardeners will love our hazel canes, stakes and poles. They are hardwearing and will last for many seasons.

What is the difference between stakes and canes and poles?

Stakes are thicker than canes and the girth measurement is from approximately 8mm (1/2 inch) upwards. Our stakes are 91.44 cm (3ft ) and 121.92 (5ft ) in length. Available as round or half round and in packs of 10. Prices £9.50 and £8.50.

Canes measure approximately 5mm in girth and approximately 91.44 (3ft) cm in length. They come in bundles of 10 for £6.50

Poles are longer and thicker to support the weight of climbing vegetable and fruit plants

Bean poles are 244 cm (8ft) in length and come in a bundle of 11. Bean pole bundles are £17.00

All canes, stakes and poles have one end sharpened to a point making them easier to get in the ground

All the products in this category are made from coppiced hazel

If you need different lengths, please email or phone with your query Contact us

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