High quality hardwood logs


10kg quality hardwood logs

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Our high quality hardwood ash logs are available in in 10 kg net bags. With a moisture content of 20% or lower,  they won’t spit as they burn!

Our logs are approximately 25 cm/10 inches long and of  various thickness, just the right size to fit most wood burning stoves, ovens and open fires.

Hardwood burns longer and hotter due to the density of the wood, keeping you warm and cosy during the long autumn and winter evenings.

You can enjoy evenings outside too, use the logs in your fire pit, chimenea, patio heater or outside oven. Food tastes delicious cooked over an open fire at any time of year.

Our logs are  a sustainable resource  cut from trees felled during our 7 year coppice cycle.

To find out more about coppicing , click on the link. Woodland Management



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