Logs and kindling

Coppiced wood is used for our logs and kindling.  Standard oak and ash trees are felled as part of the coppice cycle, to allow light to the woodland floor. This enables new growth of the Hazel and allows new Ash or Oak saplings to grow.

A maximum of 7 standard trees can be felled in anyone year and these mature trees are carefully chosen to keep the woodland in balance. Coppiced areas are left to mature for seven years before being cut again.

The trees are a sustainable  resource, and many mature trees  are left to continue growing. The mature Oak an Ash trees in our woodland are 70 to 100 years old.

New saplings are left to mature and will be thinned out during a coppice cycle when they have matured enough to be useful. Graham collects tiny saplings if an area has too many growing. He puts them in pots and nurtures them until they are ready to be re-planted in the woodland, where they have space to grow tall and straight.

New trees absorb more c02 gasses and expels more oxygen into the atmosphere than mature trees, so improving the environment . By using our logs and kindling you are helping to support a local semi-ancient woodland back into the coppice cycle and also doing your bit to get nature back into balance again.

Ash saplings ready for re-planting in the woodland
Ash saplings

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