Please note that we do not sell or ship large bulky items to the mainland such as bean poles, stakes or charcoal.

We are very pleased to announce that the first of our 2022 charcoal is now on sale!!

Graham is burning charcoal regularly and we hope to keep up with demand. Stocks may go up and down during each month so keep checking in to the website to grab a bag or 2 when it is available.

The wood used for the charcoal is supplied by Great Park. The owners of Great Park are dedicated to improving their ancient woodland site by reinstating the coppice cycle as a way of managing this beautiful woodland. As part of the rejuvenation programme there is a plan to plant new trees, increasing the size of the woodland and improving the diversity of flora and fauna within the woodland.

Coppice group folk have been invited to work from the woodland in order to coppice and use the wood for making hurdles and other traditionally made craft (treen) items.

Graham has been invited to make charcoal in the woods and the kilns are set up in a clearing in Great Park. Tom Murphy, the agent for the property owners, is working towards making the woodland more accessible. He delivers the logs to the kiln site where Graham splits them according to size. Once the kilns are full they are lit, and the charcoal takes about a week to cool, pack and prepare for market.

At the moment we are only making domestic size charcoal but intend to make restaurant grade at some stage during the summer.

Garden products update

Graham and the coppice group folk have been invited to help coppice a large woodland near the Briddlesford farm area. The group use their knowledge, skills and muscle to get the woods back into a coppice cycle, improving the health of the woodland and creating new areas for flora and fauna to inhabit. The coppice folk use all the wood generated from coppicing to make fencing hurdles, bean poles, canes, stakes, poles and pea sticks as well as Treen items and individual craft pieces. If you have any questions in regard to products please contact us, if we can’t supply what you need we will pass your query to other coppice workers who can.

Graham will make garden goods as in previous years, so please check our shop to see when new items come online.


Delivery to your door (Isle of Wight only) is free for orders over £30.00 and £7.50 for orders under £30.00. Postage costs to Mainland UK vary according to your purchase. Please make sure you choose the correct delivery band. Any overpayment of packing and delivery costs will be refunded after your purchased has been shipped. We will reject any order that does not include postage costs.

We cannot deliver bean poles, stakes and canes or other large garden items to Mainland uk

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