BBQ Charcoal

charcoal bagTraditionally, Wood Colliers, professional charcoal makers, would travel from woodland to woodland to make charcoal for landowners. In Britain a technique called the Earth Clamp was used, where a central log ‘chimney’ was built on the surface and then wood to be turned into charcoal was stacked carefully around it. This giant mound was then covered with turf and fire poured down the chimney to begin the burn. The burn would last for 5 days under constant supervision by the Wood Collier. Charcoal production declined when other methods of smelting were introduced.

Recent demand for charcoal for the domestic barbecue market has meant that 95% is sourced from outside the UK using wood from endangered rainforest and mangrove habitats of South America, West Africa and South East Asia.

By buying charcoal from a British supplier the carbon emissions from your bag of charcoal can be cut by up to 85% as it has not being transported from across the globe.

Our local made charcoal is far more suitable for use on a barbecue as it is less dense than imported charcoal; is easier to light and reaches cooking temperature much quicker and it is produced with a sustainable supply of wood.

We use a metal ring kiln to produce charcoal as part of our sustainable woodland management. Our process is time consuming, wood is coppiced; cut into logs; stacked into the kiln; kiln burns for between 16 and 24 hours; kiln cools for 4 to 7 days; Kiln is unloaded; charcoal is graded; put into sacks; weighed and is ready for market.

Once tried, we are sure that you will find that food tastes better using our locally made charcoal.

Domestic BBQ Charcoal is available on 3kg bags and Restaurant grade l is available in 6kg bags. Please contact us direct if you need restaurant grade charcoal.  We offer free delivery on the Island for purchases over £30.00 and charge £7.50 for orders under £30.00.

Fun Fact: Did you know you can turn red wine into white wine by pouring it through charcoal?

New for 2016!

Catering packs of charcoal

cropped large charcoal with G cropped large charcoal

We now have Restaurant grade BBQ Charcoal available in 6 kg sacks. This charcoal is superb quality and has been graded into large chunks suitable for catering sized BBQ’s or tandoori ovens. Made from coppiced Oak and Ash, as with the domestic BBQ Charcoal, it burns for longer and at a higher temperature.

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