Dough bowl

New – Dough bowls and mini pots

Wabi sabi woodland craft

“Wabi sabi – finding perfection in imperfection”

We continue to develop our range of hand made coppice craft products and here we introduce our dough bowls and mini pots. Ideal as gifts, each is truly a unique item due to the blemishes in the wood, the wood grain patterns and each being carved by hand or pole lathe.

The mini pots made by Graham on the pole lathe and finished off by Diana, who polishes or stains the pots according to the patterns in the wood. The pieces with the most beautiful patterns and markings are those with imperfections in the wood.

Graham hand carves the dough bowls from large logs of coppiced wood, he uses a grinder for getting some of the middle out, then reverts to hand for the final carving and polishing.

Our perfectly imperfect dough bowls and mini pots

Dough bowl

Dough bowls measure approximately 12″ long and 8″ wide and are oval in shape. Priced at £75 these bowls will last for many years, with very little maintenance. Ideal for a ‘wooden’ anniversary, unique wedding gift, or for the cook in your life.

Traditionally, dough bowls were made by the father or husband to be as a wedding gift to the bride and the bowl was was treated as a prized family possession, passing from generation to generation. In Japan a broken or worn dough bowl would be repaired with gold to show how important the item was to the family.

Imperfect perfection.

Smaller or larger dough bowls can be made on request, please contact us for a quote on cost.

Mini pots

Mini Pots with lids. The pots measure approximately 22 to 28cm around its middle and is approximately 6cm to 9cm tall . Measurements exclude the knob on top of the pot. Pots will be sent out at random however you can leave a message if you have seen the shape you like amongst our photographs

Find out more about dough bowls and our mini pots here: Coppice Craft

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