Quality logs and kindling available now!

Ash logs are ethically sourced during the woodland coppice cycle.

For more about coppicing, click here Woodland Management

Its almost time to get stocked up for winter with our high quality hardwood ash logs and kindling. Hardwood logs burn longer and hotter than softwood and will keep you cosy wherever you decide to use them, indoors in a log burner, log burning stove or open fire; outdoors in a fire pit, brazier, patio heater or chiminea.

The heat produced and the longer burning time of the logs will allow you to enjoy cooking in a clay or pizza oven or even over a brazier or fire pit.

Entertaining your family or guests to an evening around the fire pit, with their food being cooked in front of them could become a wonderful family tradition!

Logs and kindling are cut to approximately 25cm/10 inches long so fits into most log burners and other wood burning equipment.

Moisture content of the logs is 20% or lower and when packed they are stored in a dry barn loft until they are ready to go to market.

Logs £6.00 for 10kg net bag

Kindling £3.00 for 2.5kg net bag.

Free I.O.W Home Delivery on all orders over £30

£7.50 for orders under £30.00 – Isle of Wight only

Please request delivery costs to mainland England and beyond

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We operate a no contact delivery service on the Isle of Wight, payment strictly through paypal (or bankers draft for businesses)

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