See us at the Woolverston Garden fair

Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th September 2021. We are located in the woods with the rest of the Isle of Wight coppice group. Graham will be demonstrating how the pole lathe works.

We will have some of our treen products for sale, ideal for gifts for the special people in your life.

Pea sticks

Summer is ending and the woodland is starting to lose its lush colours, the leaves are drying out and falling from the trees

Graham has spent the summer making ‘treen’ small craft items such as trinket pots, bowls, spoons, Christmas trees and snowmen from the coppiced wood; some of which can be seen in our online shop.

Graham has battled to clear the brambles around the newly coppiced trees and the area looks quite bare. However If you look closely, you can see fledgling trees, mushrooms and seedlings getting ready for their growth period in the spring. Last years coppice area is full of saplings and tall hazel rods growing from the stools left from the coppicing that took place in early 2020. These areas will be left for 7 years before they are coppiced again.

Delivery to your door (Isle of Wight only) is free for orders over £30.00 and £7.00 for orders under £30.00.

Postage costs to Mainland UK vary according to your purchase. Please make sure you choose the correct delivery band. Any overpayment of packing and delivery costs will be refunded after your purchased has been shipped.

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